Kihaus Folk 24.6.-30.6.2024

Kihaus Folk -festival is held in Rääkkylä, North Karelia and is an easy-going folkmusic festival for the whole family. Festival is located to the beautiful lakeside area of Rääkkylä and enchantes its visitors with unique concerts and Karelian warm hospitality.

Market café serves at Rääkkylä Market Mon-Fri 12-15

Peliman (folk musician) camp starts on Monday 24.6.2024 with Pentti Ojajärvi

All Kihaus Folk concerts and events are accessible to all.


Friday 40€ adults, 10€ children

Saturday 50€ adults, 15€ children

Friday and Saturday 80€ adults, 20€ children

Saturday family ticket 100€ (2 adults, 2 children)

Children’s ticket 7-15 years, under 7 years free

The most convenient way to buy your tickets is to shop online or visit Onnen kauppa (Kinnulantie 2 in Rääkkylä). You can also book tickets by email at kihausfolk@gmail.com.

Becoming a Kihaus volunteer

Kihaus Ommoo väkkee volunteers are the heart of Kihaus. Without them, the festival would not exist.

From setting up the stage and tents, to selling tickets, keeping the festival area clean, baking buns, selling coffee, dismantling the festival and much more.

Volunteers get their own ”Ommoo väkkee” (own people) t-shirts, lunch and coffee every working day and, if necessary, accommodation in the village, right next to the festival area and, of course, the chance to experience the festival concerts.

Welcome to join the happy Ommoo väkkee team and build an unforgettable festival experience!

For more information and registration, please contact Mammu Koskelo, kihausfolk@gmail.com, tel. 050 574 3412.


Leena Jääskeläinen – Perinteen lumo

Perinteen lumo (The Enchantment of Tradition) is a small exhibition of traditional Karelian clothing by art researcher Leena Jääskeläinen. Leena will be there to present her exhibition and answer questions about the centuries-old history of the traditional garments sarafan and feresi.

Perinnetupa Mo-Su


Pertti Häkkinen

A long-time musical talent and teacher without whom Rääkkylä would not be a music town. Pertti has worked as a musician and choir director.

You can enjoy Pertti’s music on Tuesday at 12.00 (Rääkkylä Market Square).

Friday June 28th

Heikki Silvennoinen 70th anniversary concert – legendary blues guitarist-singer and his band

Finnish long-time blues guitarist and singer Heikki Silvennoinen has done a great deal of important work as both a musician and an actor.

From the early 1970s and 1980s, he is remembered as a guitarist and songwriter in several legendary bands. Silvennoinen was also one of the founding members of Q. Stone, which was in the late 1980s the first major blues-rock band with English-language lyrics that was also recognized outside the borders of Finland.

At the same time, Silvennoinen, who had a strong solo career of his own, was a core member of the SF Blues project, which was founded in 2002. Silvennoinen came to the attention of the general public with the Kummeli programme in the early 1990s, where she wrote sketches and made music in addition to acting. Heikki Silvennoinen’s main occupation, however, is as a musician – as a guitarist, composer and producer.

Liikuntahalli at 19.00

The Moontwins – P-K Keränen from 22-Pistepirkko & folk musician Leija Lautamaja

The Moontwins is a duo formed by PK Keränen and Leija Lautamaja, where musicians from two quite different genres meet to create a new down-to-earth musical world, where the winds of blues and rock are blowing. The Moontwins create an atmosphere that is at times boisterous, at times magical, and draws the listener in.

PK Keränen is best known for his 22-Pistepirkko band and is one of Finland’s most respected rock musicians. Leija Lautamaja is a musician and music writer specialising in Finnish and Nordic folk music.

Tsaijuteltta at 20.15

Tytti Metsä & Janne Haavisto – a duo consisting of folk musician Metsä and musician-producer Haavisto

Tytti Metsä’s songs and folk songs accompanied by jouhikko and percussion instruments.

Liikuntahalli at 21.30

Ema Hurskainen et al. – rock and roll from Rääkkylä

Ema Hurskainen emerged on the Joensuu band scene in the late 1980s as the drummer of the punk band HC Andersen. After HCA, Hurskainen toured Europe for twenty years as ‘Kristian Voutilainen’ in the humppa band Eläkeläiset, from where he joined singer-songwriter Jarkko Martikainen’s band Luotetut miehet as a drummer in 2014. Along the way, Hurskainen has released his own music with other bands and, since his solo album Viimeiselle ihmiselle (2013), also under his own name.

Hurskainen, a multi-instrumentalist, sings and plays everything himself, but at the Kihaus concert he will be accompanied on stage by a brand new band of experienced musicians from Joensuu.

Tsaijuteltta at 22.15

Hirttämättömät – Dirty Country Blues from Joensuu

The Joensuu-based band’s music is a celebration of traditional country, rockabilly and fast-paced bluegrass. Their distinctive style is known as ”dirty country blues”.

Liikuntahalli at 23

Kihaus Folk -pelimannit – Folk Music Campers

The Kihaus Folk minstrels play danceable minstrel music under the direction of master minstrel Pentti Ojajärvi!

Halla – Finnish rock & symphonic metal

Halla is a Finnish rock/symphonic metal band, whose members study at the Joensuu Conservatory. The set list includes a variety of songs that are sure to entertain audiences of all ages.

”Kihaus is our debut performance with this band and so we are very excited about this event.”

Tsaijuteltta at 18.30

Keski-Karjalan kansalaisopiston pelimannit – Cheerful Folk Music

The players of the Central Karelia Community College have been working on their repertoire with their teacher Jukka Kyllönen, and the group’s playing and cheerful team spirit can be enjoyed in the idyllic setting of a traditional courtyard.

Perinnepiha at 21.15

Usi ja Mammu, singing together around the campfire

Musical all-rounders Usi Riikonen and Mammu Koskelo will sing together around the campfire.

Nuotiopaikka at 19.30


The Joensuu Conservatory students’ ensemble’s rune song performance Lempo soi (Lempo sounds – Lempo is a mythical entity from the Kalevala).

Perinnetupa at 17.30

Pentti Ojajärvi – Master Minstrel

Pentti Ojajärvi, musician, songwriter, teacher and master minstrel from Kesälahti, leads the adult minstrel camp during Kihaus week. On Friday 28th June at 12.00, the minstrels will demonstrate the skills they have learnt during the week at Rääkkylä market square.

More information about the minstrels’ camp: https://www.kihaus.fi/leirit/

Saturday June 29th

Värttinä – the flagship of Karelian folk music

Värttinä from Rääkkylä have been taking Finnish folk music to the world for decades, always charming new audiences with their Karelian spirit!

Liikuntahalli at 19.00

Mimmit – enrapturing children’s music

Mimmit are playing enrapturing music for children, the band was formed by two sisters.

Mimmit are bursting with singing, dancing and talking and are guaranteed to put listeners in a good mood. The band’s airy, organic sound is a balm for parents’ ears too. The duo’s stage energy will captivate children and adults alike.

Liikuntahalli at 13.00

Marjo Smolander & Dawda Jobarteh – international ethno music

Marjo Smolander is an interesting voice in the Finnish folk music scene. The Rääkkylä-based kantele artist, singer, composer and lyricist is known for her Zäpämmät duo and the Senegalese-Finnish Sunuy xale music project.

Smolander arrives in Kihaus with Gambian kora virtuoso Dawda Jobarteh.

Danish-based Gambian musician and composer Dawda Jobarteh is one of the gems of world music.

Tsaijuteltta at 18.00

Sari Kaasinen – Rääkkylä’s power lady

In addition to traditional folk songs, the concert will feature storytelling and you might see some surprise performers on stage!

Liikuntahalli at 14.30

Aino ja Miihkali – imaginative string instrument virtuosity

Aino & Miihkali is a Finnish duo whose artistic expression transcends borders, stemming from their North Karelian roots. Their music is a captivating blend of progressive folk jazz infused with Scandinavian nuances and global influences, intertwined with elements of folktronica. Aino & Miihkali seamlessly weave together contemporary folk, pop aesthetics, afrogrooves, traditional poetry songs, jazz motifs, cinematic moments, and progressive psychedelia. Their compositions draw inspiration from nature, mythology, poetry, and contemporary phenomena, all seasoned with fresh improvisation, resonant strings, and intricate rhythmic patterns. Their songs vividly comment on and observe the world in a kaleidoscope of colours, while their masterful playing and harmonious vocals provide the finishing touches to their ensemble.

Tsaijuteltta at 13.30

Burlakat – Karelian rhythm

Burlakat is a folk music band from Rääkkylä. The group performs its own, cheerful and cool arrangements of folk songs in the region’s own language. The name of the band is Karelian and means ”vagabonds”.

Tsaijuteltta at 16.30

The Mystic Revelation of Teppo Repo – hypnotic music inspired by Finnish nature

The group’s music resonates with nature and its spirit, Finnish-Ugric traditions, shamanistic and archaic sounds, jazz and folk music. The band’s instruments include various home-made and unusual instruments such as diatonic woodwinds, a shepherd’s flute built by Teodor “Teppo” Repo, a Mongolian topshuur stringed instrument, a unique wooden instrument and various wooden sticks.

This spring, the band will release a new album entitled Ikivihreät (Helmi Levyt), on which they will interpret well-known pieces such as Uralin pihlaja, Soittajapaimen, Unohtumaton ilta and Satumaa Tango in their own style and with their own instrumentation.

The group’s bassist this summer is Tapani Varis, originally from Rääkkylä.

Liikuntahalli at 16.30

Trio Trikolori – female vocals from Liperi

Trio Trikolori is a vocal group of three strong female singers. Virpi Eronen, Irina Tanskanen and Pilviliina Piirainen brought folk songs to new life in three voices, as well as Virpi’s new songs and new arrangements of her older songs. Female energy in the right place!

Tsaijuteltta at 15.00

Burnclear – progressive heavy metal

Burnclear is a melodic heavy metal band from Rääkkylä, formed in 2003, with a mix of accessible progressive music and some heavier riffing. After a long period of silence, the idea of playing live performances failed to attract any of the old players besides Tomi and Karri, but then the search was on and fate brought new members. Already after the first practice sessions together it was noticed that the playing was going well and the old Burnclear songs had been updated for the 2024 century. So see you in Kihaus!

Burnclear 2024 is: Vocals: Maija Tiljander, Bass: Sanna-Mari Savolainen, Drums: Sami Ratilainen, Guitar: Tomi Wirtanen, Guitar: Karri Shemeikka.

Liikuntahalli at 21.30

Essi Hirvonen – solo concert for double bass

Essi Hirvonen is a folk musician and double bassist from North Karelia who has studied at the Joensuu Conservatory (2012-2016) and at the Folk Music Department of the Sibelius Academy (2016-2023). The solo double bass concert Pyhät is a thematic ensemble dealing with the experience of holiness, silence and prayer. Hirvonen’s instrumental, captivating music brings out a whole new soundscape from the double bass. The compositions in the Pyhät concert are dedicated to holy people such as John of Sonkajanranta (a Finnish martyr) and Cecilia of Rome, patron saint of musicians. Pyhät is Hirvonen’s debut album and will be released in summer.

Perinnetupa at 15.00

Pasi Tolvanen & Vesa Pisto – music with a taste of life

The duo will perform songs written by Pasi.

Perinnetupa at 21.15

Vieras väki – dance performance for children

Vieras väki is a dance and music performance for the whole family, aimed primarily at children aged 3-8. In the performance, mythical creatures from Finnish mythology come to life and invite the audience to reflect on the meaning of nature and on encounters with the unknown. The old Finnish word ”väki” means power, strength, vigour. Strong, capable and magical people were said to possess this power. ”We want to immerse ourselves in this unknown power”, the Väki collective tells us. tells us the Väki collective.

The performance consists of dance, Kalevala spells, music and a strong visual atmosphere.

Auditorio at 16.00

Coupletist Hannu Musakka – a coupletist from the Savo province

Hannu has sung a lot in his life – in Kihaus you can hear old couplets, just with a human voice, without accompaniment!

Perinnepiha at 13.15

Penttilän kolmoset – musical theatre composers Tellu Turkka, Leena Halonen and Hannele Autti, accompanist Jari Lappalainen

Penttilän kolmoset is a musical theatre creation in which Selma, Telma and Velma sing, and dance to, old jazz pieces to the accompaniment of Ginger Joe, and absurd stories bubble up between the songs. There’s talk of women, men, remembering and forgetting, recycling, relativity theory … and will you ever get to see a doctor or do you even need to? And what is the secret of the reindeer sled? The show is inspired by Sylvain Chomet’s cartoon film Les Triplettes de Belleville (The Triplets of Belleville), in which aging revue singers persevere in their careers after the glow of youth has faded. The show is suitable for all ages, but the older crowd will find it particularly catchy. The texts, set to familiar songs from the 40s and 60s, mischievously examine the phenomena of the times and challenge us to reflect on ossified patterns of behaviour. On stage: Tellu Turkka, Leena Halonen and Hannele Autti, accompanied by Jari Lappalainen on guitar. The performance is produced by the cultural association Vääräpyörä ry.

Auditorio at 17.45

Trio Kainulainen, Korrensalo & Rämö – strong singing for nature!

Trio Kainulainen, Korrensalo & Rämö consists of two string players and singer-songwriter Uuna Kainulainen. Kainulainen sings about broken roots, the destruction of a nearby forest, a wolf giving birth to a swamp, unloved animals and the comfort of a tree still standing. The forest and its inhabitants are on the mind of this inhabitant of Finland’s remote countryside. Let us sing for them!

Perinnepiha at 19.45

Rääkkylä All Stars – Rääkkylä’s own big orchestra

The concert will include jointly sung Rääkkylän laulu (Toivo Hyyryläinen), Rääkkylässä soi (Anu Hirvonen) and Tämä kylä (Sari Kaasinen).

The concert will feature musicians playing and singing:

Rääkkylä’s minstrels

Rääkkylä church choir

Central Karelia Music Institute

Central Karelia Community College

Jaana Nikkilä & Andjela Halonen & Mammu Koskelo

Kaija Pakarinen & co.

Perinnepiha at 12.00

Lassi Logrén – jouhikko solo (jouhikko is a traditional Finnish bowed string instrument)

Lassi Logrén plays the material from his brand new solo album on a jouhikko (Jouhikko is a traditional Finnish bowed string instrument). Logrén’s first solo album, Jouhikko (SibaRecords), was released in April 2024, with music influenced by folk music traditions from different regions of Europe. Logrén’s velvety bow touch and dance-inviting swing is the concert’s central thread. The album is part of Logrén’s doctoral studies at the Sibelius Academy of Fine Arts.

Lassi Logrén is a folk musician from Rääkkylä, who composes, arranges and plays the jouhikko, violin and nyckelharpa (nyckelharpa is a bowed string instrument which is used in Swedish folk music, its name meaning ”keyed fiddle” or ”key harp”). For Logrén, important things in music are the right of every human being to play, sing and dance, and the making of music together by musicians and singers of different levels.

Perinnetupa at 16.15

Eve Crazy & Mar Yo – a duo fusing Senegalese rap, Finno-Ugric vocal aesthetics and the world of kantele melodies

The duo creates a fusion of Senegalese rap, Finno-Ugric vocal aesthetics and the melodic world of the kantele. Eve Crazy is a Senegalese female rapper from Casamanca, South Senegal, and Mar Yo, aka Marjo Smolander, is a Finnish world musician from Rääkkylä, playing the kantele and singing.

The duo started in January 2021 when the two musicians decided to discuss gender inequality in Senegal. The discussions led to the creation of several songs, working together. A new album will be released in May 2024.

Tsaijuteltta at 20.30

Sunday June 30th

Veila – First group in the world to play a multi-player kantele

Veila is a Joensuu-based – and the world’s first – ensemble that plays on a kantele which is played by multiple musicians and they create new arrangements of pop songs. There are only a handful of instruments in the world that are designed for being played by multiple artists, and Koistinen’s multi-player kantele is in this respect unique. Veila’s performance is an intense capturing of the moment and a sensitive presence around a shared instrument. The ensemble’s musicianship highlights the creative talents of its members and their desire to create unique musical experiences by playing music together.

Tsaijuteltta at 15.30


Folk song service in Rääkkylä church at 10.00

Vocal Group Tväng

Tväng was founded in Rääkkylä in autumn 2023 and is a group of the Central Karelia Community College, led by musician Mammu Koskelo. The repertoire includes songs of the group’s own choice.

Perinnepiha at 14.45

Dorogu movie trilogy – short film trilogy

On Karelia’s mystical paths

Auditorio at 12.00

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